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Architecture, Engineering, Art, Science, Design, CAD, Electronic Deliverables, Management, and Support


We are very capable of using many different CAD and many other software according to the task-at-hand, delivery requirements, industry standards, and best practices. Also, we have computer Scientists on our payroll as to ensure the most compatible and efficient use of software and hardware technology, pertnant to any project in question.


We operate at or above the industry standard and best practice trun-around requirement times in order to deliver projects ontime or before. Superman or fast moving projects, like Rush jobs and Weekend projects, will be an extra 8% added to the hourly fee, after an agreed upon normalized fee per your project budget.


We believe that accuracy is more important than speed.


One of our competitive advantage is the fact that we posses advance industry knowledge as such as to be able to infuse our projects with above average knowledge and competency.



We design a wide range of products from micro to macro, invention products to mega blocks, and everything else in between.


We generate professional Asbuilt, Entitlement, Schematic, Design, Production, Construction, and/or Blueprint Documents.


AsBuilt, Site Survey, Site Acquisition, Permit, and Plot Documents

Red Lines

Develope Architectural and Engineering Redlines per graphics, symbols, and notation specific and pertinent to a project in question.


Tech support for Owners, Architects, Engineers, Projects, and Permited Electronic CADD/Revit Delivery, according to industry standards and best practices

Illustrations/3D Photo-realistic Renderings

Scale, Perspective- one point or two point, Vantage-Point, Entitlements, components of an entire Building or Neighborhood, Site, 3D Printing, Invention, Product(s), Logo and more.

General Project Hourly Fees

Large Projects


Medium Projects


Small Projects